05 August 2017

I understand you can read. You just don't. #RTFA

We just keep getting dumber and dumber.

On Friday, the Washington Post published, the tweeted, and article titled "Rural towns in the eclipse’s path are bracing for a flood of smartphone-toting visitors"

Ha ha! How out of touch are those east coast, cosmopolitan elites! Don't they know even us rubes have smartphones?!

The mockery was hilarious and fun!

And utterly stupid and misdirected.

The article had nothing to do with small town flyover folk being puzzled by them smartphones. The key word in the headline was not "smartphone," it was "flood."

You see, the article was about how the towns, planning for an influx of visitors, had the foresight to coordinate with cellular providers to set up surge capacity to accommodate all the tweeting, Instagramming boobs from the surrounding countryside.

Is WaPo out of touch? Yeah, probably. But this article wasn't. Not even a little bit. Not remotely. Not at all.

Let me hashtag it, oh ye of short attention spans: #RTFA*

I understand you can read. You just don't. Everything is stupid.

That's how Trump got you.

*Read the F***ing Article

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