25 May 2013

Obamacare is Thalidomide

By 22-Point Margin, Voters Favor Obamacare’s Repeal | The Weekly Standard
That’s saying something, because, back in 2009 — largely as a result of Republicans’ refusal to do much of anything on health care in the nearly decade-and-a-half between their defeat of Hillarycare and their defeat at the hands of Obama — Americans clearly weren’t very happy with the health-care status quo.
This argument always bothers me. Not just because it's wrong, but because it's so obviously disproved by history. The fact that a growing majority now prefers the former status quo proves not that Republicans should have "had a plan," but that they should have made a stronger argument for not having a plan.

It turns out, after all, that doing nothing was the more thoughtful, better-founded policy approach. It would be nice if this reality led to a greater understanding of how many existing problems were caused by the last solution, and can be best solved not by doing, but by undoing.

Obamacare is Thalidomide.

In theory, at least, I long for a do-nothing Congress (contra Harry Truman.) Because Republicans having never made that argument, we are now left with a crying need for an un-do everything Congress.


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