15 December 2012

No, your simple fix would not have prevented it from happening

The moment a terrible event happens, the floodgates of idiots who think they know the one thing that could have prevented it is opened. Here are a few of yesterday's instant comments (unattributed, but real,) along with a few responses:

Forget guns. Is there any controversy that mental health care should be cheaply and readily available to all without stigma?

Thanks for not talking about guns, but what does the rest of that even mean? We don't know anything about the shooter - was he already in some kind of treatment? How often have we seen previous shooters who were either in treatment, or had refused it? One of the marks of psychopathy is that the psychopath doesn't know there is anything wrong with him. What you really would need is an easier ability to: a) involuntarily commit people; and b) some way to know which ones are crazy and which ones are dangerous. Call the Department of Precrime.

The schools need armed guards, preferably outside and visible!
Is that a school you'd send your kids to? Really? This school was already on permanent lockdown and legally declared a "gun-free zone." You just want to wrap layers and layers of armor and metal detectors around the schools, and layers and layers of kevlar and bubble-wrap around the children.

The what about their busses? Little League games? Parks and playgrounds? What kind of society will we be if we actually try to prevent all bad things from happening anyplace?

In the end, none of those measures will work, because, like the TSA, we will always be fighting the last battle, making nobody safer but everybody less free. The psychopath will never be foiled by measures that would've blocked the previous lunatic. The psychopath lives in the present, and finds the targets that still exist.

So stop it. Live your lives.

The only law proven to reduce mass shootings is concealed carry.

There is something to this, but the fact is that it's not really the law that stops the mass shootings. Unless you want to mandate concealed carry, you need a person in the area who actually has a gun.

For individual self-defense (and defense of others) to be both possible and effective you really need two things:

  1. A moral and courageous populace, willing to defend the weak and to fight evil, even at personal risk.
  2. Freedom.
The more "safeguards" we try to put in place to "prevent tragedies like this," I fear, the less we will have of both of those things.

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