07 December 2012

If the fiscal cliff is so terrible, then both parties shouldn't have agreed on it last year. But they did.

The staggering unseriousness of everybody in Washington about the real scale of our nation's debt crisis is difficult to comprehend.

Today, Speaker Boehner tells us that the President is planning to "slow walk our economy to the edge of the "fiscal cliff."

I understand that fingerpointing is part of politics, but let's step back a moment here. If the actual problem, the actual threat to the economy, is the "fiscal cliff," then we already know who is at fault: all of them, Boehner included.

All this posturing and negotiating and scrambling about to find a compromise to avert the fiscal cliff is worse than dishonest. Let me be very clear here:

The "fiscal cliff" is the compromise. It is the deal.

It has been just a little bit more than a year since Congress (both parties) and the White House agreed on the "fiscal cliff" as a short-term solution. If that was intentionally designed to be calamitous, they should all be impeached.

Unfortunately, that's just how it works. Nobody is serious. Is the fiscal cliff calamitous? All things considered, not a bit. It's chock full of things for everybody to hate, but that deal is not what's driving our nation's finances into - or out of - the ditch. It's just a symptom of the immaturity and shortsightedness of our elected leaders.

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