01 October 2012

Debate prep: Zingers for Mitt (free of charge)

(Obama refers to mess he inherited...)

I am so tired of hearing about the "mess you inherited." I am much more concerned about the mess the next guy is going to inherit.

Look, things may have been bad in 2008, but right now, everything is worse. Borrowing nearly a trillion dollars from our grandchildren didn't make things better. Now, President Obama may have thought it was funny that the jobs weren't "shovel ready" but millions of Americans aren't laughing.

In private business, I picked companies to invest in that made money for my company. But presidents can't fix the economy by picking winners and loser - that's just crony capitalism, like Solyndra. They can fix it by getting government out of the way of the American people.

We know what Obama stands for: bigger, bossier, more expensive government. It doesn't work.

(Obama refers to Republican obstruction...)

You know, the only bipartisan votes in Obama's term have been votes against his ideas.

It's one thing to say you want to work with the other party, but it's a very different thing to actually do it. My running mate Paul Ryan has proposed serious solutions for our nation's fiscal crisis. His ideas have been debated, voted on and passed in the House of Representatives. By contrast, Mr. Obama has submitted three budgets that have been unanimously rejected by members of both parties. Obamacare barely passed, and only the vote against it was bipartisan.

You simply can't be so disconnected from the members of both parties in Congress without being totally out of touch with the American people.

Now, we live in a representative republic, so sometimes elected leaders will have more information than the voters, but in those cases, it's incumbent on us to make the case and to persuade the voters. SInce Obamacare passed, over the objections of a majority of Americans, 107 polls have been taken, and 106 of them show majorities in favor of repeal.

Obama's policies are totally out of step with the American people. They are bankrupting the country and stealing from our grandchildren. Enough with the fingerpointing. As much as democrats try to avoid talking about it, we are 17 trillion dollars in debt with nothing to show for it.

(Something about Mitt's taxes...)

My taxes? Eight percent unemployment, 17 trillion in debt, four dollar gas and the middle east in flames, and that's what he wants to talk about? These are serious times, and we need a serious President. My taxes? That's birther talk.

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