04 September 2012

Tonight message: "My parents worked hard to ensure my success, but you clearly can't do that without Barack's help"

What really struck me during the Democrats' first night of primetime speakers is how often they scorned and mocked the very idea of people working towards their own success, and yet, at the very same time, they related personal stories about doing just that.

Julian Castro told us about how hard his mom worked. Michelle Obama told us that her father paying every penny of the "small part" of her college costs was his measure of his own manhood.

Both seem genuinely inspired by their parents - and scornful of the veyr notion that you might want to do the same for your kids, rather than consign them to the beneficence of the sun-god Barack, and the government to which we all belong.

Student loans were a big talking point tonight, although it is not clear to me what exactly they are proposing. As Michelle Obama pointed out, she and her husband made it through Columbia, Princeton, and Harvard Law (both of them) in the dark ages before Obama made college affordable to all.

If the poor, working-class Obamas could go to some of the most expensive schools in the country thirty years ago, exactly who can't go today?

I'm sure the AP fact-checkers will score them down for not commenting on how government subsidies have driven college tuition upwards faster than inflation, faster even than health care over the last thirty years.

I'm sure they'll jump all over Michelle's "so young, so in love, and so in debt" line, as well. They were in their 30s, both Harvard educated lawyers, and living in a multimillion dollar mansion in Hyde Park.

Because AP does that. Right?

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