09 September 2012

There's no other word for it - as Clint told us, it's "shameful"

This was a pretty good op-ed by Mort Zuckerman today. The passage below, following the statistics about 45 million on Food Stamps and 11 million on SSDI, really jumped out at me:

"These dependent millions are the invisible counterparts of the soup kitchens and bread lines of the 1930s, invisible because they get their checks in the mail. But it doesn't take away from the fact that millions of people who had good private-sector jobs now have to rely on welfare for life support."

He also points out that employment among those 55 and older is up. I have read elsewhere that under Obama, labor force participation is down for every group except those over 65. Presumably this is because people can't afford to retire any more.

As a result, Zuckerman points out (and I had not read this elsewhere) the US birth rate is falling and is at a 25 year low.

Well, I've said it before, but if we take the Richard Nixon view that every President ultimately gets just one line in the history books, Obama's is already etched in stone:

"Obama made everything worse."

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