06 September 2012

Obama answers some important questions - with some head-scratching answers

Obama answered a lot of questions tonight. By stating that Joe Biden was "the best Vice President (he) could have hoped for" he explained what all that "hope" talk was really about back in 2008.

I do not think that word means what he thinks it means. And it definitely doesn't mean what all those people who voted for him four years ago thought.

But hope was only half his 2008 platform. He also explained that we "are the change." Just in case you thought it was him. It wasn't.

I have to be honest, that reveal was more disappointing than the LOST finale.

Hope is Joe Biden, and change is you.

Well, at least he laid out his plan for reducing the national debt. He is going to cut military spending, and pay down the debt by spending those dollars on roads and bridges.

As for Biden, I honestly thought he was about to have an aneurysm, and it was a little distracting.

I think that between the two of them, they were trying to lay out a vision, but I am still not sure what it was. They are not going to give up on us. Who is? Who is betting against the American people? They are the party who thinks you can't take care of yourself. They think you were tricked into signing a mortgage.

They think the auto bailout was a good thing. Most Americans disagree.

But one thing was consistent from the first speaker this week to the last - they are really for abortion and gay marriage.

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