09 August 2012

I'm Barack Obama, and I approve this message of which I have no knowledge

I hate to keep rehashing that Super PAC ad where a guy named Joe Soptic basically accuses Mitt Romney of murdering his wife.

I mean, when CNN debunks it, and MSNBC says it's despicable, it is kind of hard to defend.

And when you get busted for denying any knowledge, it gets harder to and harder to distance yourself from the accusation.

But now it looks like the Obama campaign itself - not the Super PAC, the Obama Campaign - is spreading the same accusation. In case it gets scrubbed, here is what's on Obama's web site right now:

I'm sure Jay Carney can explain how this is all fair game. I mean, it's just accusing Romney of murder - not even that, just negligent homicide.

For crying out loud - it's not like claiming the administration "gutted welfare reform" by removing work requirements when what they actually did was illegally waive welfare work requirements.

Because that's a low blow, man.

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