30 August 2012

Fact-Checking Ryan's shaky "playlist" claim

During his Wednesday night acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, Congressman Paul Ryan (R, WI) claimed that his "playlist goes from AC/DC to Zeppelin." We find this claim questionable on three counts:

  • First, "Zeppelin" is actually "Led Zeppelin," which would go under "L" not "Z." It is possible Mr. Ryan does not know the band's full name, and fabricated his entire claim. In any case, it is unlikely that his playlist ends at "L."
  • Second, since Mr. Ryan has previously claimed to be a fan of "Rage Against the Machine," it is clear that his playlist does not end at "L." Unless, of course, the mendacious Mr. Ryan also fabricated his earlier claim.
  • Third, even if he manually truncated "Led"from the artist name in his iTunes library, it is clear that no fan of the two groups he named would not also listen to ZZ Top, which would follow "Zeppelin."

We therefore rate this "playlist" claim Three Pinocchios!

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