11 October 2011

Now I know whose kids are occupying Wall Street

I saw this comment on Facebook, and it really threw me for a loop. No name, because I don't know the guy, but here is his comment:

I don't care about the spending issue. I care about equality. Shut everyone up and institute a 15% flat tax across the board, no matter who you are, how much you make, with no loopholes. Oh but wait, then the rich would start to complain they are paying a disproportionate share because they make more, therefore are paying more. How would that be unfair?

When I read a comment like the one above, made by a middle-aged, employed person, I wonder just how many voters out there are this incapable of processing the most basic facts of their own lives, and the world they live in.

I hesitate to use this word, because "uninformed" is much more polite, but if you are still this uninformed by middle age, you are not ignorant; you are stupid.

This guy really doesn't understand that a 15% flat rate would be a tax cut for millionaires? He is not aware that 47% of Americans pay no Federal income tax at all? He thinks it is the upper end of the income curve that would gnash its teeth over his flat tax? He thinks the politicians talking about "fair shares" are talking about a flat tax?

Wow. Just wow.

Now I know whose kids are occupying Wall Street.

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