08 September 2011

Obama to Send Congress “The American Jobs Act” (NOT "stimulus")

ABC News reports that Obama will send Congress “The American Jobs Act.” Let me be perfectly clear: it is definitely not a "stimulus bill."

From the article:

White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley said on “Good Morning America” the specifics “will create jobs. They’ll get teachers back to work. First responders back to work. Construction workers, it will get money into small businesses. And the  American people will see a tax cut with a payroll extension.”

Let's break that down a bit: It's the week after Labor Day. I am pretty sure teachers have all gotten back to work already. First responders back to work? What does that mean? 9/11 put first responders to work. I don't like the sound of that.

But I get it - "Hey, public sector unions, I got your back."

The more curious part of Daley's remarks was this:

”It will help the long-term unemployed and help small businesses hire veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan at a time where there is a growing unemployment rate among veterans.”

Are they saying that the recently announced drawdown in Iraq and Afghanistan is going to make unemployment worse? That's pretty interesting, but consistent with Liberal thought. After all, they still think WWII was the best "jobs program" ever...

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