22 September 2011

#GOPDebate: Bottom line - Perry is Done

Well, I laid out my live thoughts on Twitter, and there is not much I would change.

Michele Bachmann was entirely ignored. She went back to her most successful tack by attacking Obama in her few opportunities, but was forced by the questions to return to the Gardasil issue. While the issue is legitimate, her previous statements have been  - to put it charitably - stupid.

Gary Johnson, in limited chances, put out some very strong opinions, and for those who said they wanted something new in these debates, he brought it. He'll submit a balanced budget year one, and he'll veto any deficit spending. The handyman can!

But to me the big story is that Rick Perry has been incredibly weak in every debate appearance. I think he's done. I'd be shocked if he wins a single primary. Yet somehow, his weakness makes the entire field, which I once defended, seem even weaker than it did before Perry's entry.

And that worries me.

Palin time?


Hello McFly said...

Huh? A guy in his third term as chief executive of a state with a gdp greater than the entire country of Australia, who lives and breathes the principles of the founding fathers...is done? Why? Because he had weak performances in Kabuki theater defined as debate featuring a what's what of liberal premises???

If a guy's teleprompter-esque performance carries more weight than his resume...this country is truly TOAST!!!

Timothy P. Williams said...

I think we all agree the debate formats are ridiculous. Well, all of us who do not work for TV networks.

I'm well aware of Rick Perry's resume. I live in Texas, and I have voted for Rick Perry. But a great resume only gets you as far as the job interview - that's where we are now. It is startling to me how completely lost he looks in these debates; unable even to defend his own record against quite predictable questioning of it.

Texas is a great state, but "Texas" is not really a great answer to every question. If he hasn't figured that out after three debates, I have to conclude that maybe he just doesn't have it in him. But hey, I've been wrong before - we'll see.

Thanks for commenting.