09 August 2011

Tipping point for Obama?

I keep reading that this week may have been the tipping point where the MSM finally lost faith in The One. I think that's wishful thinking, but still, it's refreshing to hear some otherwise reliable liberal voices beginning to mumble some of the things some of us were shouting from the rooftops three years ago.

I do think the one-line summary of Obama's Presidency, written now in wet concrete, is beginning to set:


That won't sway the MSM, no matter how many doubts they may voice this week, but once that summary is set in concrete, Independents will never come back to him, and even Democrats will feel free to stay home in 2012 (sorry, they won't vote for Perry.) And if those same Democrats begin to tell pollsters they disapprove of Obama's performance, the bottom will fall out of his polls.

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