09 August 2011

This is what a Republic looks like.

Since Gov. Scott Walker's budget plan hit the floor of the legislature at the beginning of this year, the Left has pulled out all the stops to fight it, and to roll back Republican gains of the last election: importing and paying demonstrators, issuing crooked judicial rulings, office-holders fleeing the state, pouring millions of union dollars into a race for a State Supreme Court seat, and now, recall elections for six Republican State Senators. Democrats would need to win three of those races in order to flip control of the Senate. They have abused, bent and broken the rules; poured out-of-state funds into their efforts and shouted themselves hoarse.

As it stands at this writing, the Democrats appear to have failed. Oh, and two Democrat State Senators face recall elections next week.

But the really interesting news is that Wisconsin is already seeing astounding turnarounds in local government budget and private sector job creation under Republican policies. In a land suffering under the burden of a President who "made everything worse," a few Republicans have started to make a few things better.

Say, that sounds like the start of a national campaign...is it 2012 yet?

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