29 July 2011

Please pay attention: Democrats have never wanted a solution by August 2d

The chief argument advanced in favor of passing the Boehner Plan in the House of Representatives is that Republicans should "take what they can get," and "put the ball in the Democrats'" court.

There are only two flaws in this reasoning - its premise and its conclusion.

Democrats have agreed to nothing and conceded nothing. "Taking what you can get" is fine, but first you have to get it. Republicans are conceding ground with no agreement and no offer from the other side. Quite the opposite, in fact, as Harry Reid has openly promised that the Boehner plan will not pass the Senate.

The very idea that the Senate would bear any sort of blame by refusing to pass the Boehner plan ignores the fact that this already happened a week ago, followed by no Democrat counter-proposal, yet here is the conservative commentariat still talking about "intransigent Republicans." I get that the mainstream media has the "Republicans shut down government" stories all queued up, but why is this now a right wing talking point?

Should the Boehner bill pass, it will be the second solution passed by the House despite the Senate's open avowal to kill it. If there is one argument in support of passing the Boehner plan with absolutely no credibility whatsoever, it is that this will put the ball in the Democrats' court.

It should be abundantly clear to anybody with eyes that Democrats have no interest whatsoever in passing any plan, and they never did. Their obvious goal is a government shutdown for which Republicans will be blamed. This, of course, is exactly the strategy that has been openly discussed all year as Obama's only hope for re-election, and yet Republicans act as if they don't know what's going on here.

So, there they go, ready to kick the football, and Lucy isn't even pretending to hold it.

Look, I understand that shutting down the government and blaming Republicans is the Democrat end game, and I also understand that there may be no way to change that media narrative. But why in the name of all this is holy are so many conservative commentators jumping on board the blame-wagon?

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