26 May 2011

Obama is just like Reagan? If only...

Geraghty points to this account of Tony Blair's that Obama's latest initiative on the Middle East was prompted by Obama's fear of a UN resolution in favor of Palestinian statehood. If true, this confirms (again) the opinion many of us have had of Obama since 2008: he is not only a left-wing radical, still steeped in the economics of a 1930s Democrat and the foreign policy outlook of a 1980s campus radical, but he remains (mentally) on his 1980s campus, immune to the realities of the world around him, and still more concerned that his ideology meet with his peers' approval than whether that ideology is, in fact, correct.

This naiveté, combined with his suffocating level of self-regard, goes a long way towards explaining Obama's incompetence. It would be funny if it were not so dangerous.

But here come Obama and Cameron, likening themselves, in a Times of London op-ed, to Reagan and Thatcher, and the "Arab Spring" to the Cold war.

Yeah, you're just like Reagan in the Cold War. That is, if Reagan had told the Pope to back off on his support for Solidarity in Poland, capitulated at Reykjavík, and beseeched Gorbachev to "shore up this wall!"

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