26 May 2011

What the hell happens on campus? And why does it cost so much?

What the hell happens on campus? (The Homa Files)

"If increasingly students don’t study, teachers don’t teach, and college employees aren’t primarily concerned with either, it raises the question of what the hell happens on campus."

Homa comments on some eye-opening figures cited in Rich Lowry's column from last Friday over at RCP. One stat that he highlights is this: the mean individual college debt burden on $23,000 is 8% higher than it was just last year. It would seem that the younger set, which strongly supported Obama's election three years ago, shares his fiscal discipline. Unfortunately for them (and all of us,) they will soon find out the hard way that Obama's policies are not likely to create the kind of career opportunities they are going to need to pay off all of that debt.

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