19 May 2011

Newtmandias: a Gingrich lament in sonnet form

Inspired by Gingrich spokesman Rick Tyler's epic statement to the Huffington Post the other day, allow me to submit an even more ambitious version, in sonnet form:

The literati bade their minions to
Respond to weakness seen on Meet the Press
To smite disruptive outsiders like Newt
(Not spilling drinks upon their cocktail best)
Attacking what they did not understand
Establishing new Twitter memes and lore
Anon they slung distortions at the man
'Til smoke and dust of falsehoods swept him o'er
Emerges now Colossus from the dust
With sword unsheathed he is not eas'ly downed
"For love of country!" cries he as he thrusts,
"I'm frankly fundamentally renowned!"
Energized, now cries he from his chair,
"Look on my works, Tea Party, and despair!"

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