13 January 2011

To save you time, Palin & Obama's remarks as Wordles...

Sarah Palin's remarks:

President Obama's remarks:

12 January 2011

The Term ‘Blood Libel’: More Common Than You Might Think - By Jim Geraghty - The Campaign Spot

The Term ‘Blood Libel’: More Common Than You Might Think - By Jim Geraghty - The Campaign Spot - National Review Online

Geraghty has a pretty good round-up here. Not surprisingly, the phrase "blood libel" raised no alarms until just today, when Sarah Palin used it. Funny, that.

I hope they are all able to unwind their panties the next time Andrew Sullivan and others use the phrase.

As Michael C. Moynihan points out over at Reason, the term "eliminationist," which has gained a great deal of currency among finger-pointers of late, is one first coined to describe the Nazis.

Given that, perhaps Palin's phrasing was especially appropriate...

08 January 2011

Take a breath. You have to be a horrible person to try to score points off the Arizona shooting

Democratic Leadership Council, 2004
Using targets in graphics, calling political adversaries enemies, saying “if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” etc. It’s figurative. No sane person takes it literally, and no insane person is motivated by it.

Even critically-acclaimed murderous political fantasies can’t be blamed (can they?)

Today’s shooting in Arizona clearly was not a political act. The shooter had no discernible political philosophy at all (even if his old pals say he was left-wing.) I’m pretty sure he didn’t even have any clear perception of the world around him. He was deranged. There is no deeper meaning, much as we wish that there were.

Sarah Palin,  2010

That, after all, would be easier to understand.

Yet, because of his reported drug problems and criminal record, some on the right will want to use this to push for more drug laws. (UPDATE: Yep.) Because he chose to shoot, some on the left will use it to push for gun laws. (UPDATE: and check.) Each will accuse the other of hypocrisy.


Bad things happen. This was one of them. A really, really bad thing.

Blaming your political foes for it is kind of, well, putting a target on them.