25 October 2010

"Miss me yet?" "Yes!" says...Donna Brazille???

Everybody wants to own Ronald Reagan now. Even President Obama, while campaigning for office, held up the Reagan presidency as his model. But Reagan's enduring popularity, his clear victory in the Cold War, and people's tendency to avoid speaking ill of the dead make it mush easier for even the most vicious of Reagan's contemporary detractors to have softened in retrospect.

Not so with George W. Bush. The mysterious billboards that have popped up, with a smiling, waving W asking "Miss me yet?" have not been embraced by the angry left - including the President, who stubbornly (bitterly?) clings to blaming Bush for everything bad.

Yet, in a New York Times forum this morning, Democrat strategist Donna Brazille, decrying current "extremism" in Republican politics, says:

With the departure of George W. Bush, the (Republican) party has lost its integrity. Its once principled soul is gone.

Say again? George W. Bush fondly remembered as his party's "principled soul" by a key operative of the party for which Bush hatred as been the heart, soul, and raison d'ĂȘtre for ten years now? That's a dizzying turnaround.

Somebody put a billboard up outside of Donna Brazille's office...

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