03 October 2010

It's fine to read between the lines. But you ought to read the actual lines, too

Over in the Washington Examiner, Byron York documents the union-driven (and funded) attendance at yesterday's "One Nation" rally in Washington.

In his report, he quotes Maida Odom (representing AFSCME) who says "I'm saddened that people haven't risen above their bigotry.  If you read the Republican Contract with America, you can see the bigotry in between every line."

Interesting. Given that she can't even get the title of the document right, you'll pardon my skepticism about whether she read any other part of it.

Maybe she figures that "between the lines" is just white space anyway, that she might just as well stare at a blank piece of paper, then spout off her preconceived notions and Democrat talking points.

For the rest of us, "reading between the lines" is just a figure of speech, and you can't read between the lines if you haven't read the actual lines.

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