09 August 2010

The presidency: just another dead-end job

Reading The Prowler over at American Spectator and this passage (emphasis mine) jumped out at me:

"The President is tired of dealing or bored with all the B.S., or that things haven't broken the way he wanted and it's not shaping up to be the job that he thought it was going to be. The way some of them talk they make the President sound like a recent college graduate unhappy with his first job stuck in the mailroom."

Back in the summer of 2008, I observed that if Obama were elected, the four year term would turn out to be the longest-held full-time job of his life. He didn't even spend four years in any one college.

Who knows what’s really going on in the White House (or Obama’s head,) but the quote above sure would fit a pattern, wouldn’t it? A “recent graduate unhappy with his first job?” It kind of is his first job.

And you know, for those of us who have always found the guy exceptionally self-absorbed and arrogant, it fits that pattern, too. I mean, who else would view the presidency as a dead end job?

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