14 August 2010

Once again, Obama takes sides against America

Last night, to nobody's surprise, President Obama registered his official support for the construction of the Ground Zero Mosque. Like Mayor Bloomberg, he dismisses opposition as either emotional or bigoted, and lauds the mosque as a symbol of America's freedom and tolerance.

But building this mosque has nothing at all to do with either freedom or tolerance. Common sense, common decency and good manners should be reason enough not to build the Ground Zero Mosque. That they are not tells you all you need to know about the motivations of the Imam Rauf and his crowd. They are not unaware of the offense to all Americans. They are being deliberately confrontational. The people (like Michael Bloomberg) who defend the mosque on the basis of a false understanding of tolerance are deliberately ignoring the very nature of the ongoing threat against our nation.

The people who danced and sang in the streets in the Middle East on 9/11 will dance and sing again the day that mosque opens. They know what it means, even if Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama do not.

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