16 August 2010

James J. Kilpatrick, RIP

Conservative columnist James J. Kilpatrick has died at the age of 89. I don't pretend to have known him personally, but about fifteen years ago we had a correspondence over a period of about six months or so. He tended to cover a lot of court-related issues, and I'd sent him some clippings from a local story on jury selection, and the rights of jurors. Like me, he found it interesting, and asked me to keep him posted on developments. As I recall, he wrote two or three columns on the case.

As a young man with a day job who was also an occasional free-lance writeer, I shared with him some of my own writing. He was kind enough to respond with kind words of encouragement, and I have always appreciated the time he took to do so.

Again, I did not know him personally, but I can tell you personally that he was a gentleman in the traditional sense of that word. I was, and am, an admirer of his work, and of the man. May he rest in peace.

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