18 July 2010

It's long past time for Sheila Jackson Lee to go

The 18th Congressional District in Texas is considered by all analysts to be a safe Democratic seat. The incumbent, Sheila Jackson Lee, has held the seat since 1994, and won with just over 77% of the vote two years ago. But in a year that swept a Republican into a Senate seat held for more than half a century by teh Kennedys of Massachusetts, who knows?

One thing we know for sure - Sheila Jackson Lee is an embarrassment. She embodies the insulated arrogance of power that has driven ordinary people to march in the streets in Tea Party rallies, and to crowd town hall meetings to demand their voices be heard.

Lee, you may recall, is the Democrat rep who chatted on her cell phone at a town hall meeting while a constituent was asking her a question. Really.

Among her legislative initiatives was the introduction of a resolution to honor Michael Jackson last summer. Yes, really.

Her opponent this year is not a professional politician, but he is a US Navy veteran, a constitutionalist, and a strong conservative. His name is John Faulk.

The moneybomb is today.

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