19 March 2010

A dark chapter in American history

I have followed politics since I was a boy. I have cheered at times and I have booed at times. I have participated in public debate, worked on campaigns and voted regularly. I watch political events and speeches like many folks watch sporting events.

But never, before Obama, have a I viewed political developments with dread. And over the these last few months of the health care "reform" process, that dread has been joined by a boiling, bottled up rage that i have never before felt against my own government.

Obama promised to "fundamentally transform" our country, and this would certainly do that - and not in a good way. In fact, the government is already transformed. I am not big on polls, but when, for over a year now, every single poll tells us that the people of this country do not want Obamacare by very large margins; when those people take to the streets in the thousands, month after month; when virtually every election of national interest results in a rout for the party of Obama; when the seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy is won by a Republican who explicitly promises to be the 41st vote to stop Obama care; when, after all of this and more, they drive relentlessly and increasingly lawlessly on to pass this monstrosity, I truly don't know what country this is any more.

We have become a banana republic.

And as if that weren't enough, Democrats have driven us so far into a completely unsustainable fiscal mess that the only way out will be bankruptcy, hyperinflation, or worse. Our annual deficits are now measured in trillions, yet here is Congress, poised to commit trillions more.

They are like the gambler who has lost his life savings at the tables who turns to the loan shark to stake him for one more shot. Only for us, there is no pot to be won - only legs to be broken when the loan comes due. Yes, our legs - the taxpayers.

And for what? What do we get in exchange for mortgaging our liberty, our health and our entire financial future?

The only answer Democrats can seem to muster is: Obama.

No thanks.

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