23 December 2009

The risk of over-using words is that they no longer mean anything

Now that Democrats have spent nearly a year pressuring, cajoling, horse-trading and bribing other Democrats just to cobble together the minimum votes needed for each procedural hurdle, for a health care bill supported by little more than a third of the American people, causing nearly three quarters of those people to tell two different pollsters they are now "angry" at the government, why has the media lost the word "extremist" from its vocabulary?

They spent so many years calling things like tax cuts "extreme," that the word no longer means anything at all. If it still had its original meaning, I can think of no political act in my lifetime more extreme than this push for health care. Sadly, the next most extreme acts on that list are almost all from the nascent Obama Era, as well.

I can hardly keep up with it all.

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