31 December 2009

Ring in the new!

With each dawn we start fresh, the days past never to be relived. Marcus Aurelius believed that in each day, each moment, we experienced a small death when it passed.

Whatever sadness, whatever regrets, whatever dreams unfulfilled – all are left behind with each new day, new week, new season. We are constantly renewing.

Our annual ritual of ringing in the new year is just one of our many renewals, and, though the calendar is a manmade device, it is based upon the cycles of the planet, the moon and the sun. This cycle of renewal and rebirth is given to us by God. It is written on our hearts to embrace this celebration.

Aurelius simply saw a way not to fear death. Christ leads us to embrace a new life. And so we resolve to improve, to do better, to be better with each new year. To remake ourselves.

“See, I make all things new.”

Happy New Year.

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