16 December 2009

On the precipice

Well, it has happened. I agree with President Obama.

Addressing Congressional Democrats yesterday regarding the imminent passage of Obamacare, he said "we are at the precipice..." I could not agree more. We are about to fall over the edge of a cliff. It is the culmination of a year in which Democrats have sent this nation hurtling into tyranny, bankruptcy and forced dependency, fighting the roaring headwinds of the public's vocal and overwhelming disapproval of everything they are doing.

It appears even closer to certain now that the Senate will pass their version of Obamacare. If it moves from there to final passage, this long-running recession may appear, in our memories, to be the "good old days." We will no longer live under a Constitution, but at the whim of our overlords if we accept a Congressional mandate on individuals to purchase insurance. We will cede control of our very bodies to lobbyists and craven politicians if the government controls, as by this plan's design it will, the financing and delivery systems of our health care.

Democrats' political calculation is a simple one. They understand that by merely trying to pass this monstrous inversion of American values, they have already forfeited next year's elections. They have nothing more to lose by going all the way.

Republicans ought to run, starting now, on a promise not only to continue to fight it, but to work for its repeal if it passes. It may be an empty promise, because it is impossible for them to gain the veto-proof majorities that would be required to actually repeal the new laws in the next Congress. And history tells us they would not do it anyway.

Pray now, and cling to that thin, thin reed of hope that the legislation may yet be defeated.

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