17 December 2009

Congress continues to flush your money down the toilet

It is hardly worth noting any more when the Democratic Congress spends more money we don't have. The House voted to approve another "stimulus" - because the last one was not quote enough to stomp out all economic growth.

This on the same day that President Obama signed off on a $1.1 trillion spending bill that lavishes enormous raises to Federal agency budgets. And to cap it off, about half of the "funding" for this bill is redirected TARP bailout money. Remember when we were told that bailout would end up costing us nothing (we might even profit!) because it was all going to be paid back?

Well, scratch that. Our elected representatives have decided to go ahead and flush it instead.

Never forget: the road to hell is a shovel ready project.*

*Wish I knew who coined that phrase. It was on a Tea Party sign some months back...

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