16 October 2009

They weren't smearing just Rush. They were smearing you.

Much has already been written about the Rush Limbaugh smear campaign which ended in him being dropped from a group that is seeking to buy the St. Louis Rams football team.

It is clear by now that the two widely repeated quotes used to brand Limbaugh a racist were completely fabricated. A few writers have backhandedly retracted it with mealy-mouthed phrasing like "I take him at his word when he denies having said it." I've yet to read one who says "I should not have run with that quote without verifying it, because it is so over-the-top, and potentially career-damaging to the person I am writing about, that the least I cold have done was basic journalism."

Instead, the "okay, if you says so" retraction generally continues with some variation of "he is clearly so racist and vile that I hardly think retracting the quote changes anything. It certainly doesn't change my opinion."

This is not intellectual laziness. This is pure, ignorant, bigotry. It is nothing new that Rush Limbaugh is targeted by such hate, but there was a larger target implicated as racists in this campaign: Rush's 20 million listeners.

Think about that for a minute. What kind of nation do these media buffoons think that they live in? Twenty million people listen to Rush Limbaugh every week. He is a pop culture icon who has been the cornerstone of talk radio for more than twenty years. And we are expected to believe that he can laud the murderer of Martin Luther King, Jr. and advocate slavery, and still have that kind of devoted following? That prominent politicians, even presidents, would meet with him publicly, and even appear on the show of a man who would make such outrageous statements?

You cannot believe these things to be true and also live in the real world. You cannot believe that the most-listened-to radio personality in the world praised the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr. eleven years ago, and nobody noticed that until now? And nobody protested at the time? Nobody stopped listening?

A country with that many racists would not have elected Barack Obama. It simply could not happen.

But now, days after it has become clear that these racist quotes were made up out of whole cloth, the liberal media still sees nothing wrong with its reporting.

Because all of you people are stupid racists.

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