22 October 2009

Daniel Lipinski, Pocket Dictator of the Day!

Our Constitution has succeeded for more than 200 years in preventing the ascension of a real, full-fledged dictator in the United States. But don't think for a minute that this is for lack of aspiring candidates for the role. The urge to tell other people what to do in the every aspect of their lives drives many in our society, not least among them our elected officials.

Sadly, they too often succeed in poisoning our laws with restrictions on freedom. Because they are thwarted in their obvious, underlying desire for absolute power, though, they must remain only pocket-sized dictators.

Our "Pocket Dictator" of the Day is Representative Daniel Lipinski (D - IL).

In response to the great national security issue of oversized carry-on bags, the Honorable Mr. Lipinski has introduced legislation limiting, by law, the size of the bags you can bring onto your plane.

His knowledge of airplane design, luggage dimensions, your personal needs, and how to properly run an airline is so obviously superior to all the airlines and passengers in the United States that he seeks to enforce, with the power of the United States government, the size his own delicate sensibilities and superior judgment has determined will serve your needs best.

What the Pocket Dictators like Mr. Lipinski fail to understand, as they solemnly contemplate at what point men with guns should seize our luggage, is that while they may not believe us smart enough to pack our own underwear, it is they who should not be trusted with sharp scissors.

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