01 September 2009

Come back here and follow me!

Wow - now that debate is almost over, and most of the Democratic Congressional leadership is seeking a fallback position on healthcare, President Obama is planning to lay out his plan - a plan "they can really sell." Yeah, because up until now, there just wasn't enough "Obama" in "Obamacare." Whether he likes it or not, the current plan is already his.

But I love how MKHammer puts it:

So, Obama sat back while most of the substantive legislative wrangling happened, spouted platitudes from the bully pulpit while a skeptical public imposed its will on his massive majorities, lost his chance at an abbreviated debate and an August vote, and went on vacation when things really got rough only to descend from the Martha's Vineyard Mountain with tablets inscribed with the more reasonable consensus ideas Congress has been forced to consider since his own ambitious vision tanked so spectacularly.

Stand back, look cool, don't get too involved, wait for things to shake out, adopt eventual consensus as his own idea, claim victory. Yeah, nobody saw this coming, unless of course they had paid attention to his entire career.

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