25 September 2009

Nothing up his sleeves...

Magicians are masters at misdirection. You never see the trick, you only see the magic, because that's what they want you to look at - you can't help yourself. I can't decide whether Obama is a master, as well, or whether his approach is simple overload.

We are so caught up in the healthcare debate because the stakes are so high, that we can hardly absorb all the rest:

  • The IG scandal. Remember that? The Walpin lawsuit is still pending, but there were other IGs also fired. Transparency and accountability, in this administration are, well, "just words."
  • Cap and Trade. Sure, it's dead. Right? It isn't dead yet, and try to get the crowds away from the anti-Obamacare rallies to stop it.
  • Afghanistan. It's in the news right now, but not as prominently as it ought to be. There is a reason the McChrystal report was leaked, and it may have been revealed in today's report that the White House pressured his generals to "scrub" their assessments.
  • Nationalization of the banking and auto industries. Does anybody even remember that? It's still a pretty big deal, but it's dwarfed by the Obamacare proposal.
  • The radical Czars. Glenn Beck is a voice in teh wilderness on this one, I'm afraid. Van Jones is gone, and that's good, but he is hardly the only radical appointed extra-constitutionally, and probably not even the worst.
  • The new financial regulations are atrocious.
  • Our Iran policy is not only groveling and weak, but scandalous. Today we learned about another Iranian nuclear facility, but Obama knew about it before he was even sworn in.
  • Missile defense in Europe. Or lack of it. Obama is making the world a much more dangerous place.
I can't even tally it all up, but the cards are in Obama's favor on implementing radical change. We have to stop Obamacare. He doesn't have to pass it to get his brand of "change."

At least, not yet.

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