10 September 2009

J'accuse cuts both ways

I was as startled as Speaker Pelosi, Vice President Biden and President Obama seemed to be when Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina shouted out "you lie!" during the speech last night.

I thought from the moment of the shout that it had potential to become a bigger story than the speech itself. I’m not sure if that will actually turn out to be the case, but I am amused by some of the commentary from liberal corners, condemning Wilson's outburst.

Lest we forget, Wilson’s accusation came on the heels of Obama himself offering three or four consecutive responses to his critics that consisted of nothing more than his own assertion that “they lie.” When two sides both yell “You lie!” it becomes somewhat more important to determine which of them is actually telling the truth. Enter the AP, with a startlingly unbiased “fact check” which cannot be reasonably construed to conclude anything other than that, well, Obama lied.

We can get all wrapped around the axle(rod) condemning the lack of “civility” that Wilson displayed, but his reaction was not isolated, and not unjustified.

The president did nothing more than repeat his own unsupported assertions and accusations that have driven many Americans to the same sort of frustrated outburst at town hall meetings all summer long.

Obama clearly did not advance his cause last night, and it is wishful thinking by liberals to pretend that Joe Wilson did it for him.

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