16 September 2009

Insurance companies don't provide health care; doctors do...for now

In touting his notion that we can stop wasting so much money on the very sick and very old if we defer treatment recommendations to an independent panel of "experts," President Obama seemingly leaves open the question of what exactly would qualify one as an "expert."

For most people, doctors would rank pretty highly as health care experts. In fact, they're the first ones we think of aren't they?

Investor's Business Daily offers us today a new poll of 1,376 practicing physicians nationwide. More than 70% of them do not believe the president's plan can cover all of the currently uninsured while improving care and reducing costs. No big surprise there. After all, you have to take a fair amount of math to get through college and medical school, and the math on this one is very simple. The doctors are not offering a mere opinion, but a scientific conclusion based on the numbers and the facts. Consequently, two thirds of them oppose the reform proposal.

But that's not the real shocker of the poll. The real bottom line of Obamacare is this: if Obamacare passes, 45% of doctors say they "would consider leaving their practice or taking an early retirement."

Add to this the 600 Catholics hospitals that their bishops have vowed to close if the Freedom of Choice Act (another Obama favorite) were to pass, and the future of health care under the Democrats' vision for America looks rather grim.

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