05 November 2008

The current versus the tides

First off, I hope you will al remember that I warned you in 2000 that Bush would wreck the Republican Party, There, the “I told you so” is out of the way.

As for my take on what we face now...

I was not among those who advocated McCain’s loss because he was not a true conservative. McCain, for all his flaws, would have been much better for our nation, and for the world. But now that it’s done, can we be honest?

McCain was Bush’s third term. Bush won the base on abortion and taxes alone, because he pushed the party left on everything else. Fortunately for America, Bush did most of the right things on national security in response to 9/11, as neither Gore nor Kerry would have done. Other than that* his presidency was immensely damaging to the party.

I'm not glad Obama won, but let's look on the bright side - we are now free of Bushism (and McCainism) and can look for some real, conservative leaders. “Reaching out,” after all, is only how to signal a left turn.

For now, we lead the opposition. As dark as the early Clinton days seemed at first, they were soon followed by some very heady days: Dan's Bake Sale, the tomato-pelting of the "Health Care Express" buses, the Republican tsunami of 1994; here in my town and state, takeovers of the school board, the state legislature, and more; the explosion of talk radio and conservative publishing houses. Am I the only one who lived for the next issue of National Review, American Spectator, and (pre-internet) the Conservative Chronicle back in the day? Those publications are not the same when they are half consumed with making excuses for an inadequate administration.

In the course of human events, as it were, ideology runs up against the currents of history; ideology clashes with the events of our time. I do not see Obama as a great man or a great leader. Who knows what events are in store? It is certain that he wants to implement socialism, but it is not guaranteed that he will succeed. There is every reason to believe that he will fail, and fail miserably. History, on its own, may stop him. But sometimes history needs a little push. That's our job. “Standing athwart,” one might even say...

And on top of all that, for anybody who even so much as uses the word "racism," we can now point to the White House and say, "Racism? That is so last century! Welcome to the 21st, caveman."

Buck up, “my friends!” This is OUR time! President-elect Obama may not know that, but he soon will!

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