03 September 2004

Repo Day 4 Supplement - Kerry Rally

Maybe I was wrong, and Kerry has gone off the deep end. A midnight rally? And would you believe he is again (still) saying he is more qualified to be commander in chief because he served in Vietnam? Could somebody please tell him that war is over? And when he says "as a young man I defended this country..." will somebody ask him how the Vietnam War was more a defense of America than the Iraq war which he seems to believe is not? One of us is missing something, and I'm pretty sure it's Kerry, and I'm pretty sure it's a clue. Good grief.

Side note: how will Charley and Frances affect the Florida vote? Side note 2: will Florida even matter if Bush continues to lead in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania?

BTW, the polls contnue to show Bush ahead - Zogby is out tonight with a Bush lead, along with American Research Group and Gallup. Rasmussen has him up by four, and ahead by twenty in the electoral college.

Okay, more mispronunciations:

"we kepp the peace"

Doesn't he have an odd way of speaking? The way he sort of bites off his words, with that little lunge forward?

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