27 July 2004

Random thoughts on the Democrat convention - Day 2

Jimmy Carter's speech was a useful reminder of the weakness, naïveté and arrogance that characterized his administration's foreign policy. Until the audience burst out with loud applause, I thought that he must truly be the only man on earth who really believes he - or anybody else - accomplished anything in the Middle East. But there they were in that hall in Boston, united in their ignorance that the Middle East has been at war since the founding of Israel, and that no negotiation will ever change that. Pity them - just don't follow them. Carter's foreign policy brought our great nation to its knees, fueled Soviet expansionism, killed and imprisoned millions. And the Democrats are now (finally!) proud to say that they miss those good ol' days.

Whenever I see Ted Kennedy's bloated face, I cannot help but think of that poor girl, gasping for air in the cold darkness, for maybe two hours, trapped underwater while Ted returned to the party, talked to a lawyer, then got a good night's sleep. How her body w3as pulled from the cold water by the sheriff while Ted continued to try to play out his cover story. How she was buried while he faked a neck injury, and used his family's money and influence to avoid the certain jail sentence that would have awaited you or me. I think of this every time I see him. And I also wonder - how often does he think of her? The girl he killed? And why don't Democrats care about her? Or you - at least not as much as they care about the Kennedy mythology.

Speaker after speaker talks about how tough they'd be on terror - going after the "right" people. They are truly Jimmy Carter's heirs. They just want it to be about Osama. It isn't. It never was. That is naïve, and willfully ignorant. Osama is one man. Without nations to support them, terrorists are powerless. When President Bush said, in 2001, that nations are either against terrorism, or against us, I agreed. I did not believe he meant it, but I agreed. I'm beginning to think he might have meant it. It is very clear that Democrats have no interest in fighting terrorism.

The Democrats' fixation with "multilateral action," by which they mean "impressing the French," reminds me very much of those pathetic kids in high school who worked so very hard to wear clothes, and listen to music, and be mean to the right kids, just so they could impress the cliquish snots who would never accept them anyway.

Clinton's speech was perfect. It was a litany of small things, from the smallish man who once was president. The man who neglected national security; who refused to respond to terrorist attacks; who actively dismantled our intelligence apparatus. And he still can't see the world beyond his adoring throngs.

It occurs to me that, as the Democrats try to counter all the liberal, flip-flop characterizations of the Republican attack ads, they continue to use his record as a veteran of Vietnam, and his principles as a war protestor. Wasn't that his first flip-flop?

Well, that's all for now. Just random thoughts - not organized, and not as long or as clever as I'd hoped. These guys just really tick me off.

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