29 July 2004

'Crats - a Bob Fosse production!

What planet do they live on?

In the Fleet Center, it is still September 10th.

I always find it interesting when certain words or phrases stand out like a blinking neon light as a focus-group vetted term; a word which cannot appear in so many speeches by coincidence when it is so obviously the wrong word for any normal person to use.

Tonight that word is "soldier." Over and over, the veterans, and Kerry himself, refer to him as a soldier. Kerry was not a soldier. It may seem a minor distinction to you, but it isn't. I was a soldier. Kerry was a sailor. No navy man would ever, EVER, call himself a soldier - and no self-respecting Army Man (memo to Max Cleland) would call a Navy man a soldier. Ever. It just isn't done. It's like calling a Cornhusker a Razorback. It's like calling a Cowboy a Redskin.

Briefly, back to last night... Was it just me, or was Al Qaeda also laughing when John Edwards promised to hunt them down and kill them? In the immortal words of Dick Cheney, asked what he thought of Edwards; "He's cute as a button." And he will hunt you down and kill you. Awwww, int that cuute?

Did Kerry intentionally rip off Cheney's 2000 convention speech? Or is this party just completely out of words AND ideas?

Hey where is this health care crisis that democrats have been warning us about for 12 years? Is it sort of like running out of oil that the USGS has been warning us about for 80 years? You know, when total spending in most industries goes up, it's called economic growth. I know my parents took good care of me, but they did not take me to the doctor as often as I have taken my kids. People get more procedures per capita, and nobody is turned away. We are cured of things that used to be hopeless - and living still, as it always has, costs more than dying.

Hey, if we went to war for oil, how come I'm still paying two bucks a gallon?

So now John Kerry promises to reform our intelligence agencies? Maybe if he had attended his intelligence committee meetings, he could have done that before September 11th. That IS what we pay him $150,000 a year for, after all. But that's just chump change for him, I guess - then again, so is the presidents $300K salary.

About an hour into this evening I was screaming at the television: "I get it!!! You were in Vietnam for four months!!! I get it!!! That war is over!!!"

Does Kerry always sweat so much? It suits him well. He looks less lifeless.

Hey, wait a minute... Kerry believes in science! He will cure AIDS! He is an add-ult. He is against bigotry! He was on a gunboat in the Mekong delta!

That bastard fighter pilot Bush - he was just and AIRMAN, not a SOLDIER!

I'm voting for John I Care-ee! Help is on the way! God bless the United States and the life-begins-at-conception-but-it's-okay-to-kill-them-at-8.5-months candidate of truth and freedom! It's a beautiful day!

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